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Please read the following terms and conditions in pursuant to placing an order for caricature on this website.

Once an order is placed, you are bind to these terms and conditions.


1. Price of Caricature Order

The price of caricature order on this website is as stated in the Caricature Price List. It will remain the same unless we, at Cariambo.com, are doing a promotion or doing a special discount on the price, then the caricature price will be lower than the ones stated in the price list. We reserve the right to change the price whenever we feel the need to do it at any time without any prior acknowledgement whatsoever on this website.



2. Making an Order

An order for a caricature will only be considered confirmed once we receive the required deposit payment for such order. Payment shall be made either via funds transfer online or bank-in at the local banks as stated in this website.



3. Corrections on Artwork

All artworks / caricatures produced by artist are created from the artistís perspective. Caricature is a representation, in which the subjectís distinctive features are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or dramatic effect. This means caricature is not a portrait, where portrait is created to produce a definite likeness to the subject being drawn without making any exaggeration to any particular distinctive feature of the subject. Under certain circumstances caricature may have limited similarity to the original subject. Any exaggeration made on the art itself is according to the artistís style of drawing.At Cariambo.com there are 2 price packages for caricature order both black & white and color caricature.



4. Additional Charges

For customers who would like to have the original Ďhardcopyí caricature, an additional delivery charges will be applied to the total cost of order. This charges will include the packaging cost (packaging in scroll) and the courier charges (Poslaju courier) which amount to RM20.00.